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18.10.07 00:41
To a lot of people lotto winners and those who find themselves face to face with Bigfoot have a fe
w things in common. First of all both are completely random events. The formula for finding Sasquatch is not unlike the way one wins a lottery. First, stake out an arbitrary piece of ground (in lotto terms your "ground" will be the numbers you pick instead of some out of the way section of the Pacific Northwest). Once you have chosen your territory, wait for the monster to lumber across your path and hope he doesn't eat you.
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FElix Feske
( -/- )
6.10.07 14:43
schoene gruesse aus australien an alle beteiligten ___

viel erfolg...oder besser: hals und beinbruch, fellas.

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3.10.07 23:29
At this, the hottest girls that are bad with finances have to resort to peddling their asses for cash! Whether they made a bad bet, or went on a big shopping spree they couldn't pay off, they had to borrow money to get out from under, and then the loan shark makes them give up the booty to pay the bills. They fuck the guys he brings to them for money, and he collects the cash to pay off their debts, and they can't stop fucking and sucking until he says they are even!
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( -/- )
17.9.07 15:09
du hast doch tunierstuff jetzt.

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10.9.07 15:51
wenn ich welchen habe

( -/- )
9.9.07 15:37
wann kommt hier neuer stuff drauf?

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8.9.07 17:29
stark..... nicht

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